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Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is one of Michigan’s foremost leading authorities on residential and commercial bat removal and wildlife control. Specializing in trapping, removing and relocating of all Michigan wildlife small to large, including: bats, birds, mice, rodent control, raccoons, skunks, fox, coyote, deer and much more!

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What We Do

Bat Removal Michigan

 We specialize in bat removal, trapping, bat prevention, bird control, raccoon removal/trapping, mice/rodent control/trapping, live animal trapping, bird removal, and bat guano removal.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

 Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. is more than a bat removal company. We also are a leading service provider for all wildlife control and wildlife trapping in the state of Michigan. If you need skunk removal, raccoon removal, bird removal or any rodent removal, give us a call. 

Who We Are

Bat Removal Michigan

 Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is located at 630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 48462. We have been working in the Michigan bat removal and critter control business for over 13 years. 

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“Our goal is to quickly, safely and humanely restore security back to businesses and homeowners in the state of Michigan.”

Ron Pelshaw,

Humane Raccoon Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal


Humane Bat Removal

What makes a bat removal company truly “humane”? Honestly anyone can say they are humane as a selling point. Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. prides itself on honoring Michigan laws, protecting bats and having a good relationship with the Michigan DNR. As we pursue further humane wildlife licensing and bat conservatory partnerships we urge our customers to ask questions when selecting a Bat Removal Company ensuring the safest removal and relocation of all bats.

Humane Wildlife Control

Its not just bats. We put a high emphasis on humane wildlife control and wildlife removal services. Our designated relocation areas provide the best protection and future homes for all our animals. For more information on our wildlife removal service click here. 

Attic Restoration

Regardless if you have had a raccoon in your attic, bats in attic or a kangaroo, we cover all aspects of attic restoration. We fog, disinfect, remove contaminated insulation, re-insulate, remove and relocate all wildlife, as well as repair all entire points.

Bat Guano Removal 

One of the most overlooked aspects of bat removal in Michigan is the need to remove bat guano. People are usually unaware of bat guano health risk. We often get calls because of a bat in the attic but bat droppings in attics are one of our primary concerns when coming to a home for an inspection. Regardless if you clean your attic yourself, which we provide you with all the information needed if that is your only option or we can do it for you. Regardless, it is a serious enough threat, that it must be removed.  

Bat Guano Attic

Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is located at 630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 48462. We are in the office Monday through Friday. If you have a bat issue and need to schedule an inspection simply click below and fill out the request inspection form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like immediate tips on what to do click on our bat removal blog and browse through a number of tips and tricks to assist you. Or if this is a bat removal or critter emergency please call us at 248-403-8167.

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