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Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is one of Michigan’s foremost leading authorities on residential and commercial bat removal and wildlife control. Specializing in trapping, removing and relocating of all Michigan wildlife small to large, including: bats, birds, mice, rodent control, raccoons, skunks, fox, coyote, deer and much more!

We Have A Long History Of Michigan Bat Removal

With over 14 years of experience we have seen it all! We are a full service wildlife control company. Providing wildlife removal from start to finish. We utilize only humane methods of bat removal and wildlife control trapping. If you are hearing noises in your attic or walls, our full attic and home restoration services are guaranteed to remove the critters and restore your home back to its original condition. 

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Our bat removal service gives you valuable insight on the state of your home. We have trained technicians who inspect your home or business’s exterior, interior, attic, crawl spaces and more. Giving you an accurate diagnosis, solutions and photos of all problematic areas for your personal review. 

Customer Service Ready To Assist

Bat Removal Michigan

Our customer service representatives are on standby and ready to assist you from start to finish. From your very first call – we will walk you through the entire process ensuring you are aware and informed on the entire process. Need some DIY help or just a quote, we can help! 

Full Attic Restoration

Attic Restoration

If you have been hearing noises in your attic for a number of weeks, months or years there’s no telling what type of damage your home has incurred during that time. Our full attic restoration can eliminate any health risk associated with bat guano or animal waste. 

Humane Wildlife Control 

Animal Trapping

We are both licensed and insured through the State of Michigan and Michigan State DNR. Our humane services fully comply with all Michigan regulations ensuring the safety of your home and the proper relocation of all Michigan critters. Providing footage of relocation on all large nuisance animals (upon request).

Noises in my wall

Noises in your wall or attic are the first signs of a more serious issue. 

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Michigan Bat Control

Venice Y.

Not only was Ron sympathetic with my situation but he genuinely cared and got on it immediately.  He walked me through every step of the process and I can honestly say that I can breathe again.   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services and I promise you will not be disappointed.   Thank you Ron for EVERYTHING.
Michigan Bat Control
Not only was Ron sympathetic with my situation but he g View Full →

Janice K

You provided excellent service. I was very pleased with the gentlemen who came. They were very thorough and took care of my problem efficiently.
You provided excellent service. I was very pleased with View Full →
Michigan bat Control

Amy Ashley-Naylor

Great bunch of guys, always there to get the job done!
Michigan bat Control
Great bunch of guys, always there to get the job done!

Teresa Z

The work crew came out on time, very politely introduced themselves and went about their work. Hopefully, all the bats will leave the attic!!
The work crew came out on time, very politely introduce View Full →
Bat Removal Testimony

Nancy M. Kizer Campbell

Would highly recommend Bat Removal & Prevention for any of your bat problems or any other rodent problems. Thanks Ron and Bat Removal and Prevention!!
Bat Removal Testimony
Would highly recommend Bat Removal & Prevention for View Full →

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Call us today for more information on our bat removal and wildlife control services. Serving the state of Michigan since 2010. Full Attic Restoration – Humane Trapping – Bats In Attic Removal – Raccoon Removal – Skunk Removal and more! 

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