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Home Inspections

Noises in the attic? Critters around your home? Schedule a full home inspection today. Get the peace of mind knowing what you’re dealing with.

Restoration Services

Our full attic restoration can eliminate any health risk associated with bat guano, animal waste or any other damage caused by Michigan pest.

Humane Animal Trapping

Regardless if you have bats, raccoons, skunks or any other wildlife control problem, our trained technicians can provide humane trapping and relocation.

Schedule Bat Removal Services

Benton Harbor Bat Removal Pic 1 We have trained technicians who inspect your home or business exterior & interior, attic, crawl spaces and more. Giving you an accurate diagnosis, solutions and photos of all problematic areas for your personal review. 

Full Attic Restoration

Attic Restoration If you have been hearing noises in your attic there’s no telling what type of damage your home has incurred during that time. Our full attic restoration can eliminate any health risk associated with bat guano or animal waste. 

Quality Customer Service

Bat Removal Michigan Our customer service representatives are on standby and ready to assist you from start to finish. From your very first call – we will walk you through the entire process ensuring you are aware and informed on our services before we arrive. 

Humane Wildlife Control

Animal Trapping We are both licensed and insured through the State of Michigan and Michigan State DNR. Our humane services fully comply with all Michigan regulations ensuring the safety of your home and the proper relocation of all Michigan critters. 

Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is located at 630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 48462. We are in the office Monday through Friday. If you have a bat issue and need to schedule an inspection simply click below and fill out the request inspection form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like immediate tips on what to do click on our bat removal blog and browse through a number of tips and tricks to assist you. Or if this is a bat removal or critter emergency please call us at 248-403-8167.

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630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 484622